Policy and
control center

Get comprehensive visibility and control with the world’s 1st integrated policy management, security configuration, and insights platform crafted for CISOs.

Build your cyber mesh with 
cross platform intelligence

Discern’s AI powered cybersecurity mesh leverages APIs to collect the telemetry from your top security platforms.

Maximize utilization of your 
cybersecurity products

We baseline your security controls by integrating with all your major security platforms. We then score and map them based on their configurations and risk potential.

Get clear ROI reports of your 
cybersecurity investments

Measure the progress of your security posture strength and build investment narratives with meaningful metrics.

How Discern works

The Discern platform seamlessly integrates with your complete array of security products, establishing a baseline for your security controls and threat response through real-time health checks. We meticulously score and align your controls with industry frameworks such as MITRE, CIS, and NIST, ensuring compliance and demonstrating ROI. Leveraging advanced generative AI, we address your crucial security related queries, delivering tailored recommendations to meet your specific needs.

Value of using one platform

Discern creates a cybersecurity mesh across all your security tools, ensuring 360° visibility with real-time optimization of all security controls, resulting in proactive threat mitigation.

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Increase utilization of 
available controls by 60%

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Reduce spend on security controls assessment and management by 25%

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Increase coverage in MITRE, CIS framework by 50%

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Focus on 5% of users who account for 80% risks


Our virtuous cycle : Insights, stories, policy automation and outcomes!

Balancing productivity 
and security

We strive to keep the equilibrium between productivity and security, so you have the most cost-effective security measures deployed.

Our automated workflows help you to :

  • Reduce redundancy, noise and boost utilization of existing security tools
  • Simplify compliance and re-configurations by triggering the right workflows
  • Take a balanced approach through solutions tailored to suit your toolkits of various security platforms
Balancing Productivity

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