Discern Security: Leveraging the power of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform to dynamically fortify your overall security posture

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Sai Venkataraman

CEO at Discern Security

The Problem

Through over 100 discussions with CISOs and security leaders, Discern Security has identified three key cybersecurity challenges organizations face:


 1) Underutilization of security products and platforms

Security professionals typically utilize only a fraction of their available security controls. In Nov/Dec 2020, a staggering 71% of security practitioners reported underutilizing their existing security tools. [1]

 2) Siloed security platforms and unavailability of cross-platform insights

Multiple disjointed security tools often lead to inconsistencies and gaps in coverage. Gartner predicts that security teams building a cybersecurity mesh can reduce the financial impact of a breach by as much as 90%. [2]


3) Navigating the complexity of managing control audits and mapping them to standardized frameworks

Manually managing control audits can be daunting and inefficient. By automating control audits and facilitating seamless mapping to industry standards and frameworks such as CIS, MITRE D3FEND™, and MITRE ATT&CK®, organizations can enhance their compliance efforts and strengthen their overall security posture.


The Opportunity

The root cause behind all three challenges stems from a significant scarcity of cyber expertise and talent. ISC2’s 2023 Cybersecurity Workforce Study [3] indicates a substantial shortage of 4 million cybersecurity professionals. However, the emergence of AI, coupled with strategic AI deployment, offers a promising solution to mitigate this pressing issue.

At Discern Security, we’ve developed a cutting-edge proprietary AI model that capitalizes on our partnerships with leading security platform providers, such as CrowdStrike, to automate traditionally human-led “Security Management” tasks. These include tasks like discovery and assessment of controls, mapping controls to standardized frameworks, prioritizing control changes, and even optimizing controls for maximum effectiveness. By harnessing AI-driven automation, customers can bridge the talent gap, streamline operations, and bolster their security posture with unprecedented efficiency and precision.



The Solution: Discern Security’s Collaborative Solution with CrowdStrike
  • Discern Security boasts a comprehensive data repository for its clients, empowering them to maximize the utilization of the robust controls available within the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform through Discern’s AI Security Manager.


  • CrowdStrike has one of the most extensive datasets in the industry. Discern leverages CrowdStrike’s risk data to influence controls across a spectrum of security products, encompassing Email, SASE, and Identity solutions.
  • Harnessing CrowdStrike Falcon’s controls and risk data, Discern aids customers in building their cybersecurity mesh. For instance, by utilizing Netskope’s risk data, Discern identifies high-risk users, subsequently adjusting the posture of associated devices within the Falcon platform.
  • Customers can employ our LLM to activate specific controls within Falcon, thereby augmenting their security posture.
  • Through our AI engine, Discern enables customers to map additional parameters within frameworks such as MITRE or CIS, fully utilizing all of the features in the CrowdStrike Falcon platform and from our other security partners.


In essence, we empower customers to optimize their top security investments, significantly amplifying their usage. By leveraging our AI capabilities, we provide a force multiplier for security professionals, enabling them to achieve more. With Discern Security’s assistance, clients can nearly quadruple their existing control usage, fortifying their security posture for robust protection.


1) ReliaQuest, 2021 Security Technology Sprawl Report

2) Gartner, Top 9 Trends in Cybersecurity for 2024

3) ISC2 Cyber Workforce Study 2023

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Picture of Sai Venkataraman

Sai Venkataraman

CEO at Discern Security

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