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future of cybersecurity

The cybersecurity sector is grappling with a significant shortage of skilled professionals to oversee security products and strategies. Our objective is to develop advanced AI technology, to provide a 10X boost to those responsible for managing and operating cybersecurity products.

Why we started

We, a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with extensive expertise in cybersecurity controls, recognize the challenge enterprises face as they are left alone to safeguard themselves against โ€จever-evolving cyber threats. Adversaries are often organized criminal groups and, in some instances, nation-states.

Our mission is to democratize security by packaging our expertise into products and developing AI that closely mimics human understanding. This approach empowers our customers to maximize the effectiveness of their existing security tools.

We’re equally committed to ensuring companies and their employees operate at peak productivity, with security seamlessly integrated into the background to avoid undue disruptions. Our dual objectives are to assist customers in maintaining security while enhancing overall productivity.

Leading the way

Meet our founders – a proven team of serial entrepreneurs. Previously we created the Human Detection and Response category in cybersecurity through our company SecurityAdvisor.

Santhosh Purathepparambil

Co-Founder, Discern Security

Sai Venkataraman

Co-Founder, Discern Security

Rohan Puri

Co-Founder, Discern Security

โ€œI think of us as the fitness coaches for cybersecurity tools, optimising their power of effectiveness.โ€

Picture of Sai Venkataraman

Sai Venkataraman

Co-founder and CEO, Discern Security

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