Build a cybersecurity mesh

that powers your organization's security

 As cyber risks evolve, traditional security measures stagnate. Our innovative platform optimizes security configurations, enabling dynamic policy management across tools, bolstering defenses, and maximizing efficiency

Improve the ROI and efficacy 
of your security efforts

Business focused security narratives and reporting

Comprehensive dashboard, newsletters, cyber security tool report cards for CISO 
to share with various stakeholders

Cross platform intelligence

Curated actionable insights for CISOs                    

Automated policy management

Change Identity, Endpoint, SASE settings automatically based on uncovered insights

Triggering the right workflows

Call the right SOAR playbooks, raise the right tickets on ServiceNow and make easy policy approvals on Slack

Automated security posture improvements

Dynamically tailor security to specific users/devices and entities based on risk with access to fine grained security settings

Tangible ROI measurement

Progress reports and tangible ROI measurement with reduction in 
malware, phishing and targeted users.

Stay ahead of the curve with real time compliance and threat assessment

Our compliance and threat assessment solutions are mapped to frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK® and D3FEND, NIST, CIS, and others to ensure that your security posture is dynamic and equipped to tackle the latest threats.


Our industry standard frameworks based compliance assessment

Provides a common language to understand and manage cyber threat

Helps decode attack cycle into TTPs commonly used by adversaries

Benchmarks against peers and relevant standards through actionable KPIs

Tackle the toughest questions on 
cyber risk with 360° visibility



Visualize endpoint health with our customized security configurations dashboard


Know the most critical threats, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues across IT configurations and assets


Focus on the 5% of users, devices and assets that account for over 90% of the risk

Integrate intelligent policies effortlessly

Bolster your defenses with our closed loop policy automation approach across your array of security tool

Make security measures more cost effective

Discern the maturity of your security posture and cross-optimize security controls to prioritize the most critical gaps in configurations

Know your risks navigate safely

  1. Generate the most optimal pecking order for safeguarding your assets and security verticals.

  2. Create a culture of safety by gauging risk profiles of users

Attack vulnerabilities and 
threats with agility

  1. Leverage cost-benefit analysis of vulnerability remediation strategies.

  2. Improve incident response metrics through AI driven analysis of threat detection and response

Leverage powerful KPIs for 
strategic decision making

  1. Anticipate and preempt potential security risks through relevant KPIs.

  2. Track progress and inefficiencies through real-time scorecards

How we strengthen your
security posture

Step 1

 We start by establishing a baseline for your security controls and configurations through seamless integration with your entire suite of security products

Step 2

Each of your security deployments undergoes a meticulous scoring process, evaluating both the effectiveness of controls and the associated risk factors.

Step 3

Leveraging our advanced generative AI, we address your critical security queries, providing you with actionable insights and personalized configuration recommendations tailored to your department and target users

Step 4

We dynamically map your security controls to established frameworks such as MITRE, CIS, and NIST, ensuring compliance. This not only showcases the progress of your security programs but also highlights their ROI

Step 5

Our ongoing commitment includes performing regular health checks to ensure that your security controls remain current in the face of evolving ransomware threats. We also verify that you are leveraging the latest features offered by your vendors for enhanced security

Fortify your security defenses with Discern today