Discern for CrowdStrike

Discern Security AI Policy Management ​

About Discern Security’s AI policy management

Discern Security empowers you to assess your security controls, and map them to standards like MITRE and Center for Internet Security (CIS), to then optimize your overall coverage. With Discern and CrowdStrike, you can seamlessly map  the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform’s active controls and risk data to MITRE or CIS frameworks, and see which controls should be turned on based on your organization’s risk profile, helping you harden your security posture against modern threats.

Benefits of using Discern Security’s AI policy management

  • Assess your security coverage: Map your security controls, including the Falcon platform, to MITRE and other standards in real time to improve your security posture
  • Optimize your controls: Score your CrowdStrike deployment and get insights on specific control improvements, including policies that can be turned on to boost overall threat coverage
  • Measure security program progress: Gain visibility into the success and outcomes of your security program with intuitive scores and tangible improvement metrics within the Discern platform

How does Discern Security work with CrowdStrike

  • Discern leverages APIs into other security tools like Netskope, Mimecast and MS to recommend policies and configurations for our customers on CrowdStrike
  • Discern will use CrowdStrike APIs to assess customers controls and identify white spaces
  • Discern will ingest CrowdStrike events to inform policies in other major security tools
  • Discern will ingest CrowdStrike events to build dashboards for the CISO on the progress their security program is making and to benchmark their security program with peers

Business use cases and outcomes

  • Drive adoption of key EDR features like enabling real time visibility, prevention, device control esp. for higher risk devices and users
  • Help CrowdStrike customers assess their controls vs standards like MITRE and show progress over time
  • Leverage CrowdStrike’s data to change risk settings on other tools like Netskope, Mimecast and Microsoft
  • Become a policy suggestion engine for CrowdStrike
  • Leverage CrowdStrike to offer policy suggestions on other tools

About Discern Security

Discern seamlessly integrates with your major security platforms, establishing control baselines and identifying protection gaps. It utilizes generative AI to analyze and optimize security controls and policies, maps them to frameworks like MITRE, NIST, CIS, etc., performs security health checks, offers personalized recommendations, and provides reporting dashboards for actionable insights.

See Discern's CrowdStrike Integration in Action